Love your photography, especially of the wildlife and of Yellowstone. I showed my kids and husband and we enjoyed them very much! See you again soon!
Dinah Jacobs(non-registered)
You know I may be a tad bit biased but... you always get the great shots! Very artistic and talented. If I could only be half as good as you. I'll keep taking lessons to be more like you. You are definitely one of the best!
Elizabeth T.(non-registered)
Really love the snowy owl photographs - beautiful birds.
Bertha Thompson(non-registered)
Brian - Sorry to be so slow in saying this, but thank you so much for all the photos you've done for us. Back in '06 (and I don't mean 2006!) we had paper pictures that we could view over and over. Now, there are a lot more pictures out there, but only in electronic form, and not so accessible for those of us that don't have a really close, intimate relationship with technology! It's so easy to page through these photos and think back. Thanks again.
Doron Bhastekar(non-registered)
Great photography.
Jennifer Crook(non-registered)
Amazing photographs!
Victor Chinn(non-registered)
nice photos!! met you at the eastside camera club meetup last nite
Jon Shields(non-registered)
Nice website! I tagged some of my favorite images. Thanks for sharing, and great meeting you at SAPUG last night!
Danielle C.(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing your photography website with me, Brian! Really nice images. I really enjoyed the abstract/textural pieces and especially the boat with the buoys. I'll have to bookmark your site :)
Roman Fedus(non-registered)
Great photots Brian. Love the air show and snowy owl. All the pics are great. I've justed started the hobby and hope to be able to duplicate a few of your shots. Thanks for your help on my post.
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